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A Novella

The bad calls are the ones you remember.


Mike Spence is an ex-medic haunted by his past. His PTSD has been mostly under control these past several years - the flashbacks less frequent.  However, as the anniversary of his partner's death looms, the flashbacks have returned with a vengeance.


During one of these flashbacks something unexpected happens that just might be Mike's deliverance - or his destruction.

A Ghost on the Cliff

A Dark Corners Collection Story

Dani is a young woman in an abusive relationship who works as an overnight security guard at the local theme park, Alamo World.  Nothing happens on the Dead Shift beyond routine patrols, avoiding the night critters that inhabit the empty park and chasing off the occasional intruder.  


Then Dani encounters a ghostly apparition with a story to tell - a story of murder.  As the abuse at home escalates, Dani is desperate to help the ghost and, in turn, may save herself.

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